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DJ Jimmy Mac – The Switch Up Show

Weekdays 19.00 - 20.00


A musical obsessive since an early age, Jimmy started collecting music seriously at around the age of 14. Musically some would describe him as a “Jack of all Trades, Master of none”, however, Jimmy's eclectic taste & creative flair equate

into original infectious mixes.

Jimmy's early influences when growing up were Motown, Techno, Happy Monday, D&B and 90’s Hip Hop.

Fast forward to now and these influences still play a big part in what he searches for in modern music. Jimmy's pallet has also matured to include his current passions of 50’s R'n'B & Jazz from the 60’s & 70’s.

The concept behind the Switch Up Show is literally to

 !Switch It Up! both musically and stylistically. This aim is to make every show different and not to be held back by genres.

Jimmy's most important objective is to let the music do the talking.

Jimmy Mac

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